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Here you can find the WM passport of our WM identifier 160947706261

 Delivery methods  

We strongly recommend to choose at least EMS (Express Mail Service) if you live outside Europe. We have also negotiated good discount with FedEx and it is also very good, secure and fast courier. Please note that delivery fee is not included in price of any product and it is separately added to total cost of your order.
It is possible to send goods via:

Regular air mail
Serviced by Estonian Post Office. It is the cheapest worldwide airmail delivery, and quite fast.

  • Europe: 3-5 days
  • America: 5-7 days
  • Asia: 10-14 days
  • Other regions: 14 days
EMS (Express Mail Service) 

Similar to courier post. Very fast and good courier. Duration 3 - 10 days.
In some countries there is an opportunity to track each package.

Not all countries are listed.
Iceland Romania
Argentina Iran Germany
Armenia Italy Singapore
Australia Japan Finland
Austria Canada United Kingdom
Brazil Belgium South Africa
Spain Mexico Denmark
Hong Kong Norway New Zealand
Ireland Poland Belarus
India France Switzerland

DHL Worldwide Express
Good world courier with well known prestige. It is the fastest courier. We have about 15% discount for DHL shipment.
Duration 2 - 4 days. You can track each package. More details you can find on

FedEx (Federal Express)
Good worldwide courier. It is fast courier and it is strongly recommended. We have about 20% discount for FedEx shipment.
Duration 3 - 7 days. You can track each package. More details you can find on
Please contact us if you want us to send by these couriers.
  1. Prices of all products on our website DO NOT include delivery charges.
  2. Delivery cost depends on total weight of the package, destination country and choosen delivery option.
  3. The closing price for sending will be determined at letter.




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