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Mobile targets monitoring RS-Global system
Allows to track the position of mobile targets on the electronic map in real-time or with some delay. For that one of the RS-Global system's controllers must be installed on the mobile target. The GPS-receiver, which determines the target's coordinates, speed and course, must be connected to the controller. The controller transmits this information to the central desktop, where the target is reflected on the digital map.

It is known two main fields today where these technologies are used:

  • Convoy of cargos. Shipping company has effective information about target's location and also can quickly react to the alarm information, the assault on driver, etc.
  • The prevention of vehicles' hijacking is possible on its early stage, just monitoring the vehicle's motion; one can catch it in any opportune moment. Thanks to depreciation of equipment and its exploiting, private security companies and even private users begin to pay attention to these technologies.
The RS-Global system consists of three main elements: target module, information's transmission environment and information processing program.
For the data transmission is used GSM/GPRS environment:


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