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 Sim Master 4 (USB connection)  

Sim Master 4 (USB connection)

Price: 45.00 USD

Sim Master 4 (USB connection)

Sim Master 4 (USB) - Sim Card Editor. SMS, Phonebook, PIN Management, SIM Backup.
Not only a GSM Phonebook/SMS/RingTone Editor, but also supports SIM Backup function via PC USB port.
FREE delivery by air mail to any country !
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Sim Master device with full licenced software. Every mobile phone user is familiar with the difficulties of entering names and phone numbers on those tiny, hard to use, numeric keypads. We have unique solution. Sim Master enables any mobile phone user to painlessly edit, copy, or backup all the information stored in their mobile phone using any standard PC. This sweet looking device is a real treasure. SIM MASTER has not only stylish form but is very useful. It is compatibile with all GSM cellular phones.
Main Features: 
  • Compatibility with all GSM cellular phones.
  • Edit Your Phonebook in your PC
  • Edit SMS short messages in your PC
  • GSM SIM Pin code (Password) management
  • Edit and Change the personal ringtone for motorola cellular  phone (Send as SMS function support needed. ex. V8088, V7689)
  • Connect to Serial port (RS-232), no need external power
  • Built-in hundreds of Midi ringtone for Ring Tone editing
  • Copy and Backup phone book and SMS messages between your SIM cards
  • Convenience sorting functions
  • Make a FULL backup and clone of your SIM card
  • Write Backup data to a SIM Magic /Smart IC SIM Card
  • Backup up to 16 SIM Cards in a Smart IC SIM Card
Package contains:
  • SIM Card Reader/Writer with cable
  • CDROM contaning programs and Midi Songs
System requirements:
  • 486 or higher
  • One free Serial port
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000 operating system
  • 2 Mb of free space
Note !!!   
  • The legislation of some countries forbids creation and-or use of clones GSM Sim-card and-or Sat-TV card (read laws !).
  • All backUp function support A3A8 COMP128V1 SIM Card only.
  • This SIM Card Back-UP device doesn't support newest SIM Card that uses COMP128V2 algorythm to code KI key.
  • Some GSM SIM Cards from 2001 (COMP128V1) are Scan-Limited. It has limited running scan 65536 times. If the scan is over 65536, the SIM Card will be locked. This SIM Card will not work any more.

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