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 Universal Development Kit v3.5  

Universal Development Kit v3.5

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Universal Development Kit v3.5

Universal Development Kit v3.5 - Next generation of proffesional Universal Box
UDK v3.5 is the newest equipment for the service centers, represents completely updated complete set already before a known product in the market under name UDK v3.0
Now with 4 port USB hub!
Stock OUT & Product discontinued !!!

Main Features:

  • Based on Max3232
  • Dejan LPT interface built-in in BOX
  • Terminator TDM v1.0 like module built-in BOX
  • IrDa module in set 
  • Jig box for Samsung phones built-in BOX
  • Opportunity to add additional modules inside: Prodigy and etc
  • Smart Power System with 3v/5v auto switching
  • Low power indicator built-in
  • 3V power indicator built-in
  • 5V power indicator built-in
  • Lpt power indicator built-in
  • Module power indicator built-in
  • Jig mode indicator built-in
  • Fbus mode indicator built-in
  • Mbus mode indicator built-in
  • Flash supply indicator built-in
  • USB port type B on back side of BOX
  • Opportunity to connect with TiVald LPT&USB Terminal
  • 4 port USB hub built-in
  • 2 USB port type A from hub on front side of BOX
  • 2 USB port from hub isnide of BOX  
  • 5V test voltage for flashing
  • Can take power from the COM port
  • Can take power from the USB port
Package contains:
  • Universal Development Interface - UDI v3.5
  • Universal Programming Interface - UPI v2.5
  • Universal SIM Interface - USI v1.7
  • Terminator Dongle Module - TDM v1.0
  • IrDa module
  • Cables for connecting GSM Phones to UDI v3.5 (79 pcs.)
  • Cables for connecting UDI v3.5  to PC
  • Cable for connecting UPI v2.5 and USI v1.7 to UDI v3.5
Included cables for phones (not all models is listed):
Nokia model:
  DKU, POP-Port
Sagem model:
Panasonic model:
Sony model:
Bosch model:
Motorola model:
Maxon model:
Ericsson model:
  Terminator module cable TDM v1.0
Siemens model:
Philips model:
Alcatel model:
Mitsubishi model:
  Trium Geo/Galaxy/Astral
  Trium Aria/Aria W@P
  Trium Mars/Mars W@P
Samsung model:
Sendo model:
LG model:
  LG B1200
Sharp model:
Toshiba model:

UDK v3.0 Set UDI v3.0 inside Terminator module
  IrDa module

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