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 GsmAlarm - G5  

GsmAlarm - G5

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GsmAlarm - G5

GSM module G5 is a universal wireless alarm communicator with exclusive quality, modern design. It is very compact and programmable through USB port. GSM module G5 transfers full report of chosen security control panel to a monitoring station via GPRS channel and/or in a form of SMS messages.

GSM module G5 receives information of chosen security control panel via built-in interface. Module transfers alarm messages via primary (GPRS) channel. If it has failed, module transfers alarm messages in form of a SMS (Contact ID). If GPRS is restore, module start operates in primary mode automatically.
BackUp mode:
GSM module G5 operates in backup mode. GPRS and/or SMS communication is used when dial-up communication is failed between security control panel and monitoring station. When security control panel fixes this failure, it changes status of programmable output (PGM) or/and generates code in common bus (in serial port). When module G5 fixes code of failure in common bus (or in serial output), it sends data of security control panel via GPRS (and/or in a form of SMS) immediately. When module fixes restoring code of dial-up line and when programmable output (PGM) of security control panel changes status, module finishes sending data via backup channel (via GSM). Module always sends PING messages independently from transmission mode of security control panel.
GSM module G5 operates with security control panels:

GSM module G5 (with 1 NC input) receives information from common bus or serial port of security control panel via built-in interface:
  • DSC PC585, PC1565, PC5020
  • DSC PC1616, PC1832, PC1864
  • Paradox Spectra 1727, 1728, 1738
  • Paradox Spectra SP5500, SP6000, SP7000
  • Paradox Magellan MG5000, MG5050
  • Paradox Esprit E55
  • Pyronix Matrix 6, Matrix 816
  • Pyronix Matrix 424, Matrix 832, Matrix 832+
  • The module transfers the full report of the chosen security panel in format Contact ID, which is received from the common bus or a serial port;
  • The module is used in primary or backup mode;
  • Used communication network:
    • only GPRS;
    • only in a form of SMS;
    • GPRS&SMS.
  • The module transfers real time of event and level of GSM communication;
  • The module transfers encrypted messages;
  • The module works with both static and dynamic IP addresses;
  • When GPRS has failed, the module automatically starts to use backup channel (SMS);
  • There are no any special requirements for programming module via USB port;
  • Communication channel is controled by periodic control signals (PING).
Technical information:
  • Power supply voltage: 10 - 15 VDC
  • Current draw: till 0,25 A
  • Number of inputs: 1 NC input
  • Min. interval of communication control: 30 sec
  • Number of IP addresses of CMS*: 1
  • Number of GSM modems of CMS*: 1
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C +55°C
  • Overall dimensions: 85x54x23 mm
CMS* - Cental Monitoring Station

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