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 GsmAlarm - CG1  

GsmAlarm - CG1

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GsmAlarm - CG1

GSM security module CG1 is designed for security of premises, for control of operation of various electronic devices and electrical engineering equipment.

The module is controlled via telephonic call, control input and SMS. After changing of status of security sensors and connected devices, the module sends message via GPRS to the CMS* of security service and also sends SMS and calls to programmed telephone numbers.
Features of the unit:
  • Security control panel of six zones for transferring messages to the CMS* via GPRS and/or SMS;
  • Security control panel for individual security for transferring messages to a user in a form of SMS;
  • Device of remote control for electrical engineering equipment.
Technical information:
  • Power supply voltage: ~16 ЁC 18 V AC
  • Current:
    • In idle running 0,1 A max;
    • In transmission mode 0,4 A max (without additional loads).
  • Backup battery: 12V, 4 - 7Ah, external;
  • 6 inputs / zones;
  • Installation methods (can be chosen by each zone):
    • NC;
    • NO;
    • EOL=2,2k type.
  • Three controlled outputs PGM 1, 2, 3:
    • Type: open collector 30V 50mA.
  • Two controlled outputs PGM 4, 5:
    • Type: open collector 30V 1,5A.
  • Relay NO-C-NC output:
    • Type: up to 1A, under active load, U ЎЬ 30V.
  • Power supply of additional receivers 12VDC, up to 1,6A;
  • Number of entered telephone numbers up to 30;
  • Number of CMS IP addresses up to 2;
  • Number of CMS receiving SMS up to 2;
  • GSM/GPRS modem frequencies: 900/1800/1900 MHz;
  • Protocol of communication with CMS*: Contact ID;
  • Temperature operating range: ЁC20C to +55C;
  • Overall dimensions: 120x80x16 mm.
CMS* - Central Monitoring Station

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