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Price: 208.00 USD


  • Protection of cars, boats;
  • Protection of houses, apartaments, offices;
  • Remote control of electromagnetic door locks, automated gates, garage doors.
 User/Installation manual

  • Integrated GSM module;
  • 4 inputs for door, motion, fire sensor connection;
  • 3 programmable outputs for remote control;
  • Option to arm/disarm alarm system by short free call;
  • 5 users are informed on the protected unit;
  • 250 users able to control the gate or electromagnetic lock by short free call;
  • Info-carrying SMS on the state of each sensor, number of triggers, system mains voltage, GSM signal strength;
  • Option to connect reserve battery;
  • Option to connect siren;
  • Option to connect external mic;
  • Cheap maintenance.
In the case of trespass of the protected area, the device switches the siren on and calls each user in a row. If neither of users answers, GsmAlarm-420 sends SMS to all five users. SMS shows which area was violated and how many times the relevant area sensor was triggered.
Outputs are controllable by entering relevant code with user's mobile phone keyboard (DTMF signals) or sending a relevant SMS to GsmAlarm-420.
In order to open the gate, user calls GsmAlarm-420 number. Then GsmAlarm-420 checks the caller's number in the list of programmed user numbers and in the case of positive find, switches on the gate control device and cancels the call automatically.
GsmAlarm-420 can be controlled from user's phone solely. If unknown number calls, the call is immediately interrupted and user gets a SMS with caller's number.
You can check alarm operation by short call to GsmAlarm-420 number. If GsmAlarm-420 is operative, the calling user gets a short confirmation call.
User is informed by SMS about main power supply fault and its restoration.
All GsmAlarm-420 parameters are programmed remotely, by sending a SMS with relevant contents with password.
Technical information:
  • GSM module: 900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Main power supply (connected to terminals "B+ " and "GND"):
    • in permises protection mode: AC 16-24V
    • in car protection mode: DC 12V
  • Maximum current:
    • in premises protection mode: ~1.2A max
    • in car protection mode: 1.2A max
  • Reserve battery (connected to terminals "B+ " and "GND"):
    • Voltage in premises protection mode: DC 12V
    • Voltage in car protection mode: DC 6V
    • Reserve battery type: PB - acid
    • Reserve battery capacity: 1.2 Ah max
  • Output "AUX " (For External Devices):
    • Output voltage in premises protection mode: DC 12V
    • Output voltage in car protection mode: DC 6V
    • Maximum current: 1 A max
    • Short circuit protection triggering current: 2 A max
  • Siren output "BELL" (C3):
    • Maximum current: 0.6 A max
    • Output active  (siren is on): connected to GND
    • Output non-active (siren is off): open contact
  • Programmable outputs C1,  C2:
    • Maximum current: 150 mA max
    • Output active: connected to GND
    • Output non-active: open contact
  • Inputs  Z1 – Z5:
    • Load resistance ("loaded input" mode only): 2,2kЩ
  • Power consumption (without external sensors):
    • Non-activated state: 40 mA max
    • Call, sending SMS or speech mode: 300 mA max
  • Operating temperature: -20°C…+55°C
  • Dimensions: 135x85x35 mm
Main package contents:
  • GSM controller GsmAlarm-420
  • GSM antenna
  • EOL resistors
  • Microphone
  • Users guide
Additionally can be ordered (extra pay required):
  • Metall box with transformer

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