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Gsm Mini

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Gsm Mini

The purpose of the GSM Mini is to interface to GSM network any alarm system that is capable to call the security monitoring station through wired telephone line.

This adapter makes it possible to install alarm systems to places where there is no wired PSTN line but it is requested to alarm to security monitoring station.
By means of GSM transmission, the adapter improves the reliability of alarm reporting in cases when the wired alarm transmission does not work or fails (e.g. when the phone lines are tampered or the telephone service is suspended due to technical reasons). 
Features of the unit:
  • Analogue telephone line simulation to transfer contact ID signals and voice
  • Handling wired telephone line (PSTN), in case of its failure switch over to GSM line simulation
  • Generating SMS message from the Contact ID codes of monitoring station reports (alarm, opening, closing…)
  • Automatic dial of pre-set telephone number as a result of picking up the line (emergency call function)
  • Bell 103 / V.21 digital data communication
  • The alarm system will be programmable through GSM data call (remote maintenance, downloading eventlist,
  • GPRS transmission (to TEX server)
Application areas:
  • Connecting security systems to monitoring station through GSM network using Contact ID format
  • Security reserve (secondary signalling channel) to the already existing wired-telephone communicators
  • Wired telephone adapter for flats, houses, cottages
  • A simple emergency alarm for elderly, sick people by picking up the phone
  • Remote diagnostic of security systems
  • GPRS terminal for monitoring stations
Additional functions:
  • Receiving incoming telephone calls, possibility of call filtering by caller ID
  • Settings for using in PBX
  • Selecting wired or GSM network using different prefix numbers
  • Forwarding information on SIM card balance
  • Converting alarm codes into SMS messages
  • Emergency call function
  • Interfacing speech diallers
  • Remote programming of alarm systems
Technical Data:
  • Supply voltage: 9-32V DC
  • Maximum power consumption: 500mA
  • Operational temperature: between -10єC and +60єC
  • Transmission frequency: GSM 900MHz /1800MHz
  • Dimensions: 84x72x32 mm
  • Net weight:: 200g
  • Gross weight (packed): 300g
Characteristic of generated telephone line:
  • Line voltage: 48 V
  • Line current: 25 mA
  • Line impedance: 600 Ohm
  • Ringing voltage: ±72V (25 Hz)
  • Dial tone: 400 Hz
Supply Content:
  • GSM Mini + connector
  • GSM 900 MHz / PCN 1800 MHz aerial
  • User's Manual, Letter of Guarantee

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