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 Gsm Pager3  

Gsm Pager3

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Gsm Pager3

The main function of the GSM pager 3 is to operate as a supplement of control panels, GPRS/GSM signalling device or as a standalone 4 zone GPRS/GSM control panel.

 Main features:
  • 4 contact inputs
  • 2 relay outputs
  • GSM signalling and remote control
  • Programmable through USB/GPRS
  • GSM or GPRS data transmission
Powerful, Flexible, Instant solution 
  • Signalling over GSM voice call:
    • Transferring control panel's PGM output contact to monitoring station in Contact ID format
    • Calling 4 telephone numbers (personal call) and sending SMS messages
    • Price effective standalone alarm panel function
    • Forwarding incoming SMS (pre-paid card balance info, etc.)
    • Firmware update through GPRS connection
  • GPRS data communication:
    • Sending contact input signals through GPRS
    • Frequent testing GPRS connection (even in 3 minutes)
    • Significantly increased signaling and a great quantity of terminal equipment (2000 pcs adapter / TEX GPRS server)
  • GSM remote control:
    • Control of outputs through telephone call, free of charge telephone number recognition (e.g. crossing gates, garage gate)
Technical details:
  • Triband GSM: 900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Power supply: 9-24 VDC
  • Power consumption:
    • Nominal: 120mA
    • Maximum: 500ma
  • Operating temperature: -10C - +60C
  • Dimensions: 84 x 72 x 32mm
  • Weight: 200g

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