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Price: 59.00 USD


USB Programmer TiProg for Sim and Smart cards, with an opportunity of an insertion / unblockings of mobile phones and programming of microcircuits.
New software version 1.2.1 released!
FREE delivery by air mail to any country !   

Main features:
  • Two smartcard connectors (suitable for Small-size and Big-size Sim card)
  • Programming of microcircuits without additional modules and payments: microcircuits on the basis of PIC, AVR
  • Five frequencies for scanning: 3.579Mhz, 6Mhz, 7.159Mhz, 12Mhz, 14.318Mhz.
  • Opportunity of switching of frequencies and operating modes automatically or by buttons located on device.
  • Indication of an operating mode and processes on programmator by light-emitting diodes.
  • Scanning Sim of cards for finding Ki and IMSI and creations MultiSim of cards.
  • 5V smartcards and 3.3V smartcards are supported.
  • Reading and data recording on MultiSim card.
  • Programming of all types popular smart-cards which are applied to creation MultiSim of cards and cards of satellite TV.
  • Connection of programmator through high-speed USB the interface (USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0).
  • No external power required.
Types supported a smart-cards:
  • Based on PIC processor:
    • Gold Card (PIC16F84(A) + 24C16)
    • Blue Card (PIC16F84(A) + 24C64)
    • Pic Card 2 (PIC16F628 + 24C64)
    • Silver Card (PIC16F877 + 24C64)
    • Green Card (PIC16F877 + 24C128)
    • Green Card 2 (PIC16F877 + 24C256)
  • Based on AVR processor
    • ATMega Card (AT90Mega163 + 24C256)
    • Jupiter Card (AT90S2323 + 24C16)
    • Jupiter Card 2 (AT90S8535 + 24C64)
    • Fun Card 2 (AT90S8515 + 24C64)
    • Fun Card 3 (AT90S8515 + 24C128)
    • Fun Card 4 (AT90S8515 + 24C256)
    • Fun Card 5 (AT90S8515 + 24C512)
    • Fun Card 6 (AT90S8515 + 24C1024)
  • In Phoenix/Smart Mouse mode:
    • Titanium
    • GSM phone sim cards

Package contains:

  • TiProg
  • CD with manual and software
  • USB cable to connect TiProg to PC USB port


TiProg (v.1.2.1) with DotNet (If You have not updated version of Windows, approx. 29Mb archive)

TiProg (v.1.2.1) w/o DotNet (if You have updated version of Windows, approx 5.6Mb archive)

User Manual for version 1.2.0, 1.2.1 (.pdf format)
TiProg Release Notes
v.1.2.1 (30.01.08)

  • Temporary disabled "TiProg ports only" and "auto reset" functionality (introduced in build 1.2.0) until FTDI will fix the hang bug in their D2XX drivers version 2.02.04.
v.1.2.0 (18.01.08)
  • Noticeably improved performance of all operations with cards.
  • Added 'Verify Data Writes' setting. Now user may skip verification phase of a write, and so save his/her time. NB! Switching off the setting will not guarantee that a data has been written correctly.
  • Added serial number filter, so the list of available communication ports contains TiProg hardware only (which serial number starts with 'SSDL' signature).
  • Fixed processing of hex files with more than 64K of data.
  • Fixed a hex file lock in case of cancelation of PIC card read operation.
  • Fixed sometimes exception in 'About' dialog on 'Copy Info' button click.

Disclaimer: (TiVald Interfaces OU) can not be held responsible for any loss of data that may occur using this product.

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