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 GSM-Line Adapter Pro  

GSM-Line Adapter Pro

Price: 236.00 USD

GSM-Line Adapter Pro

The purpose of the GSM-LINE ADAPTER PRO is to interface to GSM network an alarm system that can inform the security monitoring station through wired telephone line.

Functions of the Unit
There are two main application areas of the unit:
  • This adapter makes it possible to install alarm systems in places where there is no wired PSTN line but it can be necessary to alarm the security monitoring station.
  • By means of the GSM transmission, the adapter improves the reliability of alarm reporting in cases when the wired alarm transmission does not work or fails (e.g. when the phone lines are tampered or the telephone service is suspended due to technical reasons).
The adapter has some additional functions:
  • The unit continuously watches if a CONTACT ID or ADEMCO Express report is directed towards the security monitoring station through the wired or GSM network, and if either of the preset report codes is noticed, it sends an appropriate SMS message with definable text to one or two telephone numbers. Using this function, the owner can get instant SMS messages not only of alarms but also of every event of closing/opening.
  • The module can convert CONTACT-ID signals into SMS messages without being connected to the monitoring station. In this case GSM-Line Pro module will simulate the monitoring station.
  • The adapter can be set to forward the SMS messages arriving to the SIM Card to one or two phone numbers. This function makes the use of non-subscription cards more secure, since the owner/user can get the message about the actual balance to his own phone set.
Technical Data:
  • Supply voltage: 9-24V DC
    Maximum power consumption: 500 mA
    Operational temperature: between -10 єC and + 60 єC
    Transmission frequency: GSM 900 MHz / PCN 1800 MHz
    Dimensions: 127x86x27 mm
    Net weight: 70 g
    Gross weight (packed): 400 g
    Error outputs OUT1, OUT2:
    • open collector outputs
    • current max 100mA
    • allowed smallest load: min.150 Ohm

Supply Content:

  • GSM-Line Adapter Pro;
  • Antenna adapter cable (MMCX-FME);
  • GSM 900 MHz / PCN 1800 MHz antenna;
  • 4 pieces of adhesive fixing supports;
  • Software for tuning GSM-Line Adapter Pro (supplied on CD);
  • User / Installation manual (supplied on CD).

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