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 Tracking software  

Tracking software

Price: 199.00 USD

Tracking software

Tracking software is necessary for the monitoring of mobile objectives using GPS. Tracking software structurally consists of three main modules: Information reception module, Tracking Server and Tracking Monitor.

"The reception module" provides the connection with various systems, which give the information about moving target's current location. Besides the position data sending from objects, also commands and/or signals may be sent. There may be several reception modules, which may be located both on the server and the remote computer, connected to server with TCP/IP protocol. The connection of module with the server is standardized and not depends on physical channel of information delivery.
"The Tracking Server" provides the collection of data, systematization, archiving and presenting to user's applications (monitors). Moreover, the packing of old data and the periodical creation of reserve database is one of the server's functions. The connection with applications is through the TCP/IP protocol. The number of served communication channels (both incoming and outgoing) is limited by system resources only. The main requirement for "Tracking Server" is static IP-address on the computer where it is installed.
"The Tracking Monitor" is the customer's application which provides the visualisation of the obtained information in user suitable form. The target's position data is transformed to its position on the map, commands and signals to text forms, customizable by user. There are bitmapped maps used in the monitor with WGS 84 or СК-42 co-ordinates. The maps are attached to 2-8 points. There may be reflected up to 6 maps on one monitor. The maximum size of the map is limited by system resources only.

The system's structure allows using its components in any combinations. So, the "Reception module" may send the information to some "Servers", "Server" can receive the information from some "Reception modules" and to serve some "Monitors". The "Monitor" in all times works just with one "Server", but there is profiles' system, which allows to switch between "Servers" on-the-fly and also to load necessary maps and objects.
  • the maps with reflected targets on them (up to 6 maps at the same time);
  • the list of targets under review;
  • the list of static objects;
  • the list of available maps;
  • the status of connection with server;
  • information about the current map;
  • information about the events from the objects;
  • information about the latest location and speed from each object;
  • information about the route during the last day;
  • the last archival extracts by the route;
  • the last archival extracts by the events.
The service potentialities:
  • the possibility of object description by user (colour, shape, name);
  • the adjusted target's search on the map;
  • the target's status reflection (stands/moves);
  • the reflection of target's availability for the observation;
  • the possibility of the location data request (for GSM-channel);
  • the target's current status request (for GSM-channel);
  • the possibility of object's control orders transmission (for GSM-channel);
  • the opportunity of placing the static objects on the maps;
  • the automatic attaching of any bitmapped map by known location data;
  • the opportunity of maps' calibration and adjustment after the attaching;
  • the last route review (during the day);
  • the monitoring of given target with automatic or semi-automatic maps change on one or several maps;
  • the review of the routes' archives by any number of objects and for any period;
  • the review of the events' archives by any number of objects and for any period;
  • the selection of suitable natural scale for the reflection of target;
  • the language selection.

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