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Price: 289.00 USD


GSM controller CCU6225 is flexibly configured monitoring and remote control system. It can be applied to protection of apartments, offices, garages, summer residences and warehouse. By means of the built - in relays, the controller can switch electric circuits on a command of the owner (DTMF signals), SMS a command or automatically, on set of events.

Main features of CCU6225:
  • GSM module (GSM900 / 1800MHz) built-in;
  • 8 Inputs (Zones);
  • Programmed entry levels (6 modes);
  • Programmed zone names;
  • 7 Outputs:
    • 2 realys;
    • 4 outputs such as "an open collector", GND, loading 0, 5A / 12V;
    • 1 output such as "an open collector", submits + 12V, current limited 0, 9A.
  • Programmed outputs names;
  • 8 numbers for:
    • voice calling;
    • calling;
    • SMS sending;
    • calling and SMS sending.
  • Control by:
    • DTMF commands;
    • SMS commands.
  • The voice module is built-in;
  • Voice messages in the voice module can be programmed through PC;
  • Option to connect external mic;
  • Option for temperature measurement;
  • The controller has an opportunity of connection of external button "ARM" or contact for reading key Touch memory DS1990A for change of a mode "ARM / DISARM";
  • Programming via USB or RS-232 (Com port).
Functional features CCU6225
  • Flexible adjustment of restriction of access from eight telephone numbers allows to resolve access in system only to the registered users which numbers are in the list. For each number it is possible to define only those events, about which the user wishes to receive the information.
  • The universal configured input "ARM" allows to connect the button or contactor keys Touch Memory. The module of recognition of keys Touch memory allows to identify the user at access in system and to send a code of a key or his name, in SMS, under specified numbers.
  • Management by means of DTMF signals with voice helps, allows users to control system during voice connection by frequency signals and to receive voice acknowledgement, similarly to service of the subscriber of the cellular operator. Each session of connection begins with input of the password, that in addition protects system besides identification of the user on a phone number.
  • Control by means of SMS in a dialogue mode, with acknowledgement of performance of commands. CCU6225 has a set of commands for remote control. To inputs, the relay and to outputs are appointed names - pseudonyms. The user forms legible managing messages, using a set of commands and names. Each command message begins with the password. Depending on option, CCU6225 forms confirming message so the user always knows a real condition of system.
  • The notification by means of SMS. At detection of an active level on inputs or if there is an emergency system event (falling of an external power etc.), CCU6225 forms the alarm text message to specified numbers.
  • Alarm voice messages at dialing. CCU6225 dials under specified numbers and forms the voice messages corresponding to event if the active level on inputs is found out or there is an emergency system event. After listening the message communication can be broken off or the controller can proceed in control mode that enables the user, operatively to react to alarm.
  • Test messages are intended for periodic testing serviceability of system. The four test time when the controller will automatically form voice message, modem pack and-or SMS messages informing the user about a condition of system are possible to appoint.
  • Listening of a protected room can be initiated a command on SMS or during time DTMF of control. CCU6225 will establish voice connection with sender SMS or will pass on an external microphone directly, after reception of a DTMF-command.
  • Ample opportunities of routing of events. Transition of an input in an active and-or passive condition can influence a condition of the relay or an output. It is possible to program influence of any input on the relay and outputs. Change mode: ARM and DISARM also can influence a condition of the relay and outputs. It allows to use the relay in various configurations. For example, for switching on hooter or automatic reset of fire sensors.
  • Opportunity of assignment of names - pseudonyms for inputs and the relay. Each input and the relay has a name which is used at inquiries of a condition and remote control. Each input has the name of an active and passive condition. For example, if has active the sensor of movement in a room 1, the user will receive SMS: ROOM1 MOVE. Names - pseudonyms are programmed by the user.
  • Independent configuration of each of eight inputs. For everyone it is possible to program:
    • The name of the sensor, the name of an active and passive condition of the sensor;
    • Borders of a alarm zone - the top and bottom borders of a zone define an interval of voltage in which the input is considered active;
    • Input type: analog / discrete;
    • 6 inputs modes: Low, Non connected, High etc.;
    • Average time of input signal;
    • Delay of sending of the alarm message;
    • Recovery time of scan;
    • The round-the-clock sensor control, for fire sensors, sensors of outflow of water, gas, the alarm button, etc.;
    • Action at an active level on an input: voice dialing, SMS, dialing and SMS, communication through the external microphone, no actions;
    • Influence on the relay.
  • Independent configuration of each of 2 relays and 5 outputs. For everyone it is possible to program:
    • Name;
    • Commutation type: level or pulse, duration of a pulse;
    • To enable/disable management on SMS.
  • The notification at falling an external power and the discharging of the backup battery. CCU6225 forms SMS and dials to the specified numbers in case of falling and recovery of an external power, and also at the discharging of the battery up to the specified critical level.
Main package contents:
  • GSM controller CCU6225
  • GSM antenna
  • Users guide, warranty card
  • CD
  • Cable for programming controller via PC
Additionally can be ordered (extra pay required):
  • Temperature sensor RTD-01
  • External microphone RMA-02
  • Touch memory reader
  • Touch memory key/keys
  • Metall box with transformer and power supply
Call + 372 555 400 79 and try CCU6225 voice menu! 
Password 1234 and press * on your phone.

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