Terminator dongle module TDM v1.0  

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Terminator dongle module TDM v1.0

TDM v1.0 is an additional module installed in UDI v3.0

This product is very popular with unlockers and can carry out a range of options on most SonyEricsson handsets.
Stock OUT & Product discontinued !!!

Main Features:
  • Works with models of phones Ericsson and SonyEricsson:
    • A2218, A2618, A2628, A3618
    • P800, P802, P900
    • R520, R600
    • T20, T29, T39, T100, T102, T200, T202, T216, T230, T300, T302, T310(c), T65, T68(i), T610, T620, T630
    • Z600
  • removes simlock from all cellphones without need to enter codes from keyboard
  • read all locks codes from phone if you need to unlock it in future by keyboard (reading all NCK, SPCK, NSCK or CCK)
  • removes all locks even if counter is 0
  • make backup od GDFS'
  • change IMEI
  • reflash totaly dead phones and empty boards
  • allows to flash any Asian/Chineese phones into European version and vicevers'a
  • reset security code to 0000
Package contains:  
  • Terminator dongle module TDM v1.0
  • Cable for all above phones 
Note !!!
  1. TDM v1.0 do not work alone without connecting with UDK v3.x
  2. Changing Phone Firmware, Removing SP lock and Changing IMEI may be illegal in your country !!! Please check your countries laws before you use these functions !!!
  3. If you use any product provided by TiVald Interfaces for illegal purposes, you will be held responsible for any legal actions taken !!! We will not be responsible !!!
  4. TiVald Interfaces is a third party reseller/manufacturer of mobile phone services and its products.
  5. Our company (TiVald Interfaces) is in NO way connected to any mobile phone manufacturer and their products !!!
  6. All Trademarks and Patents mentioned herein are property of their respective companies.
  7. TiVald Interfaces never allows any product to be used for illegal purposes !!!
User manual: udk_v3_0.zip  (updated 10.04.04)

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